5 directions to help injection molding plants reduce costs and increase efficiency

1. Reasonable production personnel arrangement
Input all personnel information into the MES system. The system can dispatch production workers according to personnel qualifications, types of work and proficiency, create or import a production plan, intelligently schedule production with one key, and automatically generate a dispatch list. The system can arrange work for upper and lower mold workers, trial adjustment personnel, machine adjustment personnel, batching personnel, feeding personnel, scrap personnel and injection molding machine operators according to the actual situation of the production plan, Make sure that each post has appropriate personnel for production and reduce personnel waste. Through the reasonable production dispatch of MES, it can also formulate appropriate performance appraisal for employees, improve their enthusiasm, improve production efficiency and reduce personnel costs. The most important thing is that the management personnel do not need to spend a lot of energy to realize the “integration” of personnel, materials, equipment, information and tools in the production operation plan, and fully ensure and improve the synergy of the production operation process.

2. Improve equipment utilization
MES collects the running status of the equipment in real time, automatically records the start-up and shutdown times of the equipment, calculates the utilization rate of the equipment, and provides complete detailed classification of the location and causes of the shutdown events. The real-time calculation generates the production labor rate and mechanical efficiency of the equipment, carries out the whole process of predictive maintenance, routine inspection, maintenance and repair, and forms a report on the maintenance of the equipment, realizes the automatic maintenance prompt and performance evaluation of the equipment, provides the arrangement of equipment maintenance and maintenance plan, controls the equipment health, and provides a basis for production scheduling, so as to greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of the equipment, And promote continuous improvement of production efficiency.

3. Improve communication efficiency
In the previous production management, information communication required face-to-face communication, telephone communication or email communication, and communication was not timely and timely. Through the MES system, the management personnel can control any information data and abnormal conditions in the production at any time and anywhere in real time, and handle the data and abnormal conditions in a timely manner, reducing the waste of efficiency caused by information communication and improving efficiency.

4. Improve data collection efficiency
Relying on manual data collection is inefficient and difficult to ensure accuracy. The MES system cooperates with certain data acquisition hardware and acquisition technology to realize the automation of data acquisition and greatly improve the efficiency of manual data acquisition. Even some data that cannot be collected manually can be collected by MES, which improves the comprehensiveness and accuracy of data acquisition. Further utilization of these collected production data will greatly improve the efficiency of production control.

5. Improve the accuracy of decision-making
On the basis of mass production data collection, MES system can process, analyze and mine production data and analyze production management. Compared with manual data collection and analysis, the analysis efficiency of MES system can be greatly improved, and it can be comprehensive and accurate. Real time production data, in-depth mining and analysis of production data, and supporting production decisions with data can greatly improve the accuracy of production decisions of production managers.

After the outbreak, the injection molding enterprises will return to work and production in a timely manner. With the improvement of the upstream prosperity and the outbreak of the downstream demand, the injection molding enterprises will usher in a period of rapid growth in which challenges and opportunities coexist. To a large extent, the intelligent chemical plant will become a breakthrough point for injection molding enterprises and an important direction for enterprise development in the future.

Post time: Aug-15-2022