10 things of waste during plastic injection moulding production

During plastic injection moulding production, there are some waste that we can do the best to avoid or control better to save cost. Below are the 10 things we saw about waste during injection molding production here now sharing with you.

1.The mould design and machining processing of the injection mould are not good resulting in a large number of mold trials and mold corrections, which cause large waste of materials, electricity and workforce.
2.There are much flash and burrs around the injection molded parts, the second-processing workload for plastic molded products is big. Or there is overstaffed for one injection machine, which caused the labor waste is large.
3.Workers don’t have enough awareness of correct using and maintenance for plastic injection mould, failures or even damage happened in the molding production process or frequent shutdowns for mold repairs, all of these will cause unnecessary waste.
4.Using and regular maintenance for the injection molding machine are poor, the service life of the injection molding machine is shortened. Waste caused by the shutdown of production to repair the machine.
5. The staffing of the injection molding workshop is unreasonable, the division of labor is unclear, the responsibilities are unclear, and no one does what should be done. Any of these can result in unsmooth injection molding production and cause waste.
6.Waste can be caused by many other problems such as the working skills training not enough, low work ability of personnel, poor work quality, and long adjustment time for moulding and so on.
7. Company and workers doesn’t keep learning new technology and new management skill, it caused low level of injection molding technology management, low production efficiency. This will finally result in waste too.
8.Injection molding process is not controlled well, the defect rate is high. It makes the amount of waste in production be large and the return rate from customers become high. This is also a very big waste.
9. Plastic resin wasted can be caused by use of raw materials in mold testing and injection molding production exceeding the plan and the material of runner or testing plastic not strictly controlled.
10.Improper arrangement of injection molding production plan or machine arrangement, frequently change molds for different production can make waste of plastic material, workforce and other costs.

So, in summary, if we can control well for moulds maintenance, plastic injection machines’ maintenance, training plan for workers, injection moulding production plan & management and keep learning & improving, we can do the best to save cost for material, machines and workforce and so on.

Post time: Mar-05-2019